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Are You More Likely To Crack Your Windshield in Arizona?

Arizona is known for its sunshine and heat. As a result, many vehicles succumb to the extreme temperatures with auto glass damage. In fact, drivers in Arizona are more likely than drivers in any other state to need their windshield repaired. Why does Arizona fall into first place when it comes to windshield damage? Read on to find out why and how you can minimize the impact.

Four Reasons Why AZ Windshields Crack

1.The 101

This highway is known for construction and is responsible for many broken windshields in Arizona. During construction, all sorts of debris flies from the road, hitting unsuspecting windshields left and right. And when construction is over, that debris stays behind, ready to get churned up again by passing motorists. And that’s not all. The sides of the highway are decorated with gravel and whenever someone pulls out of the gravel, watch out because it gets kicked up and can land right on a windshield, causing a crack or chip that will easily spread.

2. Heat

Arizona is hot. And when your windshield has even the tiniest of chips, the scorching sun can make it spread quickly. Heat makes glass expand, thus putting pressure on the area and causing the damage to increase. Once this happens, your view may be obstructed. Either way, once the crack grows to a sustainable size, you’ll need to get your windshield replaced. Avoid this costly repair by getting any chips and cracks, no matter how small, repaired as soon as possible.

3. Temperature changes

Going quickly from one extreme temperature to another adds stress to your windshield. If your car has been sitting in the sun all day and then you blast the air conditioning, you can expect any cracks or chips to only get worse.

4. Pebbles

The desert is littered with small rocks and pebbles along the sides of the road. These pebbles get kicked up as people drive along the road, and many of them strike the windshields, causing cracks and chips.

Arizona Windshield Replacement With Lifetime Guarantee

At Freedom Auto Glass in Arizona, we provide repair and replacement services for your windshield. Our work is guaranteed and we put it in writing. If you have a crack or chip in your windshield, or if it has grown into a much bigger issue, contact us today. We’ll schedule you for service and get you back safely on the road.