Consider This Before Repairing Your Windshield

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Does your windshield currently have a crack, chip, or some sort of break? While you may not believe the damage is too significant right now, it can turn into a real problem for your safety. As such, windshield repair and replacement are important and should be pursued urgently.

The skilled, friendly, and professional team at Lucky Dog Auto Glass has put together a list of questions for you to consider before choosing how to deal with windshield damage–take a look!

How bad is the chip in the windshield?

Yes, chips may seem small or, as stated above, insignificant, but they’re still bad–regardless of size. Studies have shown that within three years, 90 percent of chips spread into larger, more dangerous cracks at any given time.

We rely on windshields to keep us safe, and damaged glass is about 60 to 70 percent weaker than glass that hasn’t been damaged.

Is it better to repair or replace the windshield?

A repair is a safe alternative to replacing the glass, as repairing the windshield allows the car to keep its original factoring seal. Plus, small chips can be repaired within 30 minutes, saving you time, money and hassle.

Yet, sometimes, the glass can’t be repaired and will need replacing.

Are some cracks too large to repair?

Yes, some chips and cracks require more than a simple repair, resulting in windshield replacement. The price of a replacement windshield varies according to the make and model of the vehicle.

All vehicle glass installed in the United States must pass the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration baseline standards. Further, make sure you only work with companies that offer a warranty on repairs and replacements.

How long does a windshield replacement take?

When it comes to windshield replacement and the length of time the work will take to complete, many factors need to be considered, such as how quickly the service can be scheduled and technician availability.

On average, it’s best to give yourself a three-hour window for the complete replacement process.

Is my vehicle at risk during the replacement process?

Today, the risk of vehicle damage during the replacement process has decreased greatly. This is contributed to enhanced technician training and the development of innovative tools.

If you choose to work with a reliable and insured glass company (like us!), you don’t need to worry.

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