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Hero Xtreme: A Fusion of Power and Elegance, Enhanced by the Expertise of TVS Eurogrip Tyres

Hero MotoCorp, a stalwart in the Indian motorcycle scene, has continually redefined the boundaries of design, technology, and performance. The Hero Xtreme series, with its aggressive stance and impressive features, stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to cater to the evolving tastes of the youth. As a premium sporty commuter, the Xtreme promises not just a ride, but an experience. Let’s embark on a journey through the Xtreme models, understanding their unique features, benefits, and specific tyre dimensions and air pressures.

Hero Xtreme: The name alone invokes a sense of exhilaration and excitement. With its impeccable combination of style, performance, and technological prowess, the Hero Xtreme range has revolutionized the two-wheeler market. Whether you are a seasoned rider or someone who’s just starting, this bike is bound to leave an indelible mark on your motorcycling experience.

The Hero Xtreme Line-Up:

Hero Xtreme 160R: Known for its robust performance and sleek aerodynamic design, the 160R stands out with its muscular tank, innovative LED headlamps, and an advanced instrument cluster. It offers a BS6 compliant 160cc air-cooled engine, providing a peak power of 15.2hp, promises a thrilling ride. The 7-step adjustable mono-shock rear suspension ensures a smooth ride on varied terrains. Its feather-touch start, hazard lights, and side-stand engine cut-off features offer convenience and safety. Its integrated side-stand engine cut-off is a valuable safety feature. The 160R’s light-weight body makes it incredibly agile and perfect for city rides. It delivers a commendable mileage, ensuring that you get the most out of every drop of fuel.

Hero Xtreme 160R Tyre Size & Air Pressure:

Hero Xtreme 200S: The 200S is the epitome of sports and comfort combined. Its aerodynamic design and impressive performance make it a favorite among enthusiasts. This model boasts a 199.6cc engine with 18.4hp. The fully digital console, which includes smartphone connectivity, turn-by-turn navigation, and call alerts, brings modernity to the ride. The addition of single-channel ABS ensures safety during high-speed maneuvers. If long rides are your thing, the 200S, with its comfortable seating and efficient fuel consumption, is your go-to choice.

Hero Xtreme 200S Tyre Size & Air Pressure:

Hero Xtreme 200R: A gem in the Xtreme series, the 200R blends muscular design, power with practicality. With a 199.6cc engine, it delivers a power of 18.4hp. The contoured seats, combined with the aerodynamic shrouds, ensure both rider and pillion comfort. The 276mm front disc and 220mm rear disc, combined with ABS, offer a confident braking experience. The mono-shock rear suspension guarantees a smooth ride. Its well-balanced structure ensures that both city commutes and highway rides are a breeze.

Hero Xtreme 200R Tyre Size & Air Pressure:

Key Features and Benefits of Xtreme Series:

Stylish Design: The Xtreme series, irrespective of the model, promises a design that turns heads. The aggressive stance, sharp graphics, and modern aesthetics ensure that the rider makes a statement on the road.

Advanced Instrumentation: From the fully digital console in the 200S to the informative displays in other models, Xtreme riders are always in the know. Features like smartphone connectivity in the 200S elevate the riding experience to a new level.

Safety First: The Xtreme series does not compromise on safety. With features like ABS and efficient braking systems, the rider can navigate urban jungles and open roads with confidence.

Performance-Oriented: The engines, whether in the 160cc or 200cc variants, promise performance. Quick accelerations, smooth gear shifts, and efficient cooling systems ensure that the Xtreme series lives up to its name.

Why TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme is the Perfect Companion for Hero Xtreme:

TVS Eurogrip Protorq Extreme tyres have emerged as the ideal match for the Hero Xtreme range, and here’s why:

Superior Grip: These tyres are designed for high-performance bikes like Hero Xtreme, offering excellent road grip, whether dry or wet. The Steel belt around the carcass at an angle of zero degree to the direction of rotation, makes it highly rigid thus ensuring superior handling at high speeds as well as puncture resistance

Durability: They are made of high-quality rubber compounds, ensuring longevity and reduced wear and tear. Advanced Tri polymer tread compound with high structure carbon ensures Well balanced tyre with optimum grip, mileage and durability

Enhanced Stability: The unique tread pattern provides stability, especially during high-speed rides and sharp turns. The Variable pitch winding to the tyre reinforcements, Helps in Self-righting and enhanced confidence in cornering

Usage & Maintenance Tips For Hero Xtreme:

Regular Servicing: Ensure that you service your Hero Xtreme as per the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Check Fluid Levels: Regularly check and maintain the oil and coolant levels.

Brakes: Inspect brake pads and fluids to ensure optimum stopping power.

For Tyres:

Regular Inspection: Check for any signs of wear, cuts, or punctures.

Rotate Tyres: Rotate your tyres regularly to ensure even wear.

Air Pressure: Always maintain the recommended air pressure for optimum performance and safety.


The Hero Xtreme series is not just another lineup in the crowded Indian two-wheeler market. It’s a statement, a promise of performance, style, and reliability. Designed with the youth in mind, it caters to those who seek thrill and adventure in their daily rides. Whether you’re navigating the bustling city or cruising on the highway, the Xtreme ensures that every journey is memorable.

With the backing of Hero’s extensive service network, owning an Xtreme is not just about the initial purchase but about a long-term relationship of trust and reliability. For those in pursuit of a bike that offers a blend of performance, style, and modern features, the Hero Xtreme series stands out as an unbeatable choice. It’s more than just a motorcycle; it’s a lifestyle, a passion, and a reflection of the rider’s personality.

FAQs on Maintenance of Hero Xtreme:

Q: How often should I service my Hero Xtreme?

A: Typically, every 5,000 km or 6 months, whichever comes first. But refer to the user manual for specific guidelines.

Q: Is it safe to use non-recommended tyre sizes for Hero Xtreme?

A: No. Always use the manufacturer-recommended tyre size for safety and best performance.

Q: How often should I check the tyre pressure?

A: Ideally, once a week or before a long journey.

Q: How often should I inspect my TVS Eurogrip tyres on my Hero Xtreme?

A: It’s a good practice to visually inspect your tyres every time before you ride. A more thorough check should be done at least once a month or before any long journey.

Q: What signs indicate that my tyres need replacement?

A: Look for uneven wear patterns, deep cuts, cracks, bulges, or punctures. If the tread depth is below the recommended minimum (usually 2mm), it’s time for a replacement.

Q: How do I know if my tyres are under-inflated or over-inflated?

A: An under-inflated tyre might appear squished or flattened at the base, while an over-inflated one will look bulging. The best way is to use a tyre pressure gauge to measure accurately.

Q: Can I patch or repair a punctured tyre?

A: Minor punctures in the main tread area can often be repaired. However, punctures on the sidewall or larger punctures might require tyre replacement. Always consult a tyre specialist for repairs.

Q: Do I need to balance my TVS Eurogrip tyres on Hero Xtreme after getting them installed?

A: Yes, balancing is essential when installing new tyres to ensure even weight distribution and to avoid vibrations while riding.

Q: How does incorrect tyre pressure affect the performance of TVS Eurogrip on Hero Xtreme?

A: Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to reduced grip, uneven wear, decreased fuel efficiency, and may adversely affect the bike’s handling. It’s essential to maintain recommended tyre pressure for optimum performance.

Q: What is the ideal storage condition for my spare TVS Eurogrip tyres?

A: Store them in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and chemicals. If stored vertically, rotate them occasionally.

Q: Can I mix and match different tyre brands on my Hero Xtreme?

A: It’s generally not recommended. Using the same brand and type ensures uniformity in performance, grip, and handling.

Q: Is there a break-in period for new TVS Eurogrip tyres on Hero Xtreme?

A: Yes. New tyres have a smoother surface and may be slippery. It’s recommended to ride cautiously for the first 100-200 km to allow the tyres to achieve optimal grip.

Q: Why is there a noticeable difference in the tread pattern between the front and rear TVS Eurogrip tyres?

A: The front and rear tyres serve different purposes. The front mainly focuses on steering and handling, while the rear is for power and traction. The tread patterns are designed accordingly.

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