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Need to Fix Damage to Your Rear Windshield?

Damage to your auto glass can put you and others in your vehicle at risk. Working with a company that offers professional auto glass services is usually the best way to resolve these problems quickly and effectively. If your rear windshield has sustained damage in an accident or by flying road debris, here are some of the most important things you should know about auto glass repairs for your vehicle in Tampa, FL.

What Are the Two Types of Auto Glass?

Auto glass generally falls into two basic categories. Tempered glass is used for rear windshields and window glass in car and truck doors. This glass is stronger than normal plate glass but can shatter if hit with enough force or if damaged to a sufficient extent. Even minor rear windshield damage can result in a catastrophic failure that could send glass into your car and onto your passengers.

The front windshield, by contrast, is made of laminated glass that will crack but not shatter when it receives a significant impact. Under Florida law, front windshield glass repairs are covered by auto insurance without requiring a deductible payment. You will usually have to pay a deductible, however, for side and rear auto glass replacements.

Can Rear Windshields Be Repaired?

Small chips and minor rear windshield damage may be repairable. In most cases, however, it is recommended to replace the entire panel of tempered glass. This can improve your safety and that of your passengers when driving in the state of Florida. Consulting with a company that specializes in professional auto glass services can allow you to resolve rear windshield damage quickly and in the most cost-effective way possible.

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