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Weight Loss Diet: 5 Indian Food Combinations That Can Help You Lose Weight

If you’re someone who is on a weight loss journey, we know how challenging it can be for you. From following fad diets to developing strict fitness routines, we’ve done it all! However, there are several misconceptions around weight loss – one of them being that only specific foods can help in weight loss. When it comes to consuming healthy food, most of us opt for fancier options and neglect traditional Indian food. This is because desi foods are often associated with weight gain and obesity. However, when paired with healthy and nutritious ingredients, Indian food can actually be quite healthy. In this article, we have curated a list of popular Indian food combinations that can help with weight loss. Let’s get started with the list.

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What Are The Best Indian Food Combinations For Weight Loss?

1. Dal And Chawal

Dal chawal is the ultimate comfort food for most Indians. Dal is high in fiber and protein, and contains all the essential nutrients that are required in an Indian diet. Rice on the other hand, is a great source of carbohydrates that help us feel full and energized. We recommend you to have a bigger portion of dal as compared to rice when having this meal.


2. Khichdi With Curd

Khichdi is a staple dish in most Indian households. Usually paired with curd, this wholesome meal provides the perfect balance of nutrients. It is rich in healthy carbohydrates and protein, making it ideal for weight loss. A serving of khichdi and curd will keep you full for a longer period of time, and ultimately help in controlling your weight.


3. Idli And Sambar

South Indian cuisine is excellent for weight loss. Idli and sambar is one such popular desi food combination that is considered to be quite healthy. It is low in calories, easy to digest and loaded with essential nutrients. Due to the presence of fiber and nutrients, idli and sambar are two of the best foods for smooth digestion and weight loss.

4. Poha And Curd

Another great Indian food combination for weight loss is poha and curd. It makes for a light and nutritious meal that is low in calories and high in fiber. When mixed with curd, it makes for an excellent choice for those who are on a weight loss journey. You can enjoy this food combination for a wholesome breakfast or lunch meal.

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5. Panta Bhaat And Fish

If you’re someone who’s a non-vegetarian, then you should definitely try panta bhaat and fish for weight loss. Made from cooked rice that is fermented in water, this Bengali dish contains good bacteria and is great for your gut. Fish on the other hand, is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce untimely food cravings and contribute to weight loss.

Include these Indian food combinations in your diet and achieve your weight loss goals sooner.

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